Gateways2Life's mission and underlying purpose is to act as the "tip of the spear" in the effort to bring churches and organizations into meaningful and life transforming relationships with refugees.


Our Mission

  • Gateways2Life seeks to implement its services anywhere that meaningful work is ready to be done; i.e., where there are people who are willing to work with and among the refugees.  In doing so, Gateways2Life does not seek to silo and stand alone in its provision of services; rather, their focus is upon coming alongside of already existing efforts that are striving to reach the refugees in the midst of their struggles in each particular context.
  • Gateways2Life achieves this implementation by combining efforts with churches and other organizations to:
    • enhance and supplement the services they are providing to the refugees; and,
    • create a context of relational integration by developing Community Center settings where the necessary and desired services for the refugees may be provided, while also bring the members of the churches and organizations into meaningful relationship with the refugees through volunteerism and the joint provision of services.
  • These "meaningful relationships" created in the Community Center setting lead to the healing and enhancement of the lives of those living as outcasts, while also leading to the growth, revitalization and multiplication of the churches and organizations involved in providing the services, through the integration and incorporation of the refugees into their own entities.  In essence, the "blessers" will become the "blessees;" i.e., the perceived "lesser" will come to bless the perceived "greater" in the relationship.

Services provided

Gateways2Life seeks to provide the following services, which vary from one location to another depending upon the needs of those being served in a particular context:

  • Provision of Essential Needs (e.g., food, water, shelter, clothing, etc.)
  • Creation of a Context of Community, Safety and Dignity for Refugees (providing an environment where the stranger and outcast can come to rest, play, share a cup of tea or coffee, practice the local language they are attempting to learn, etc.)
  • Counseling and Administrative Assistance (e.g., trauma counseling, visa and legal paperwork translation and advice; housing location and acquisition; pregnancy counseling, advice and support; child care for parents requiring counseling, training or attending interviews and visa appointments; Adopt-A-Refugee Program; recreational/sports programs for children and adults; Foster Care Connection; Women's and Children's Oasis -- providing opportunities for women to find a place of rest where -- along with their children or alone -- they can feel safe, secure and dignified; day and residential programs for unaccompanied minors; family reunification efforts, etc.)
  • Education & Training (e.g., language learning, job skills training, etc.)