g2l center for refugee women and children at moria

For years, stories had been told in the media about how many of the women in Camp Moria had not showered for months because of the conditions of the facilities in Moria and their fears of being assaulted should they venture there. Sources state that there is only one shower for every 78 refugees living in the camp, and they certainly do not provide a welcome environment for use by the most vulnerable of the refugees.

In July, 2018, we were blessed to have the opportunity to open a facility that provides a solution to this problem, while also offering a safe place where women could rediscover their dignity and self-worth in a secure, loving environment. There we provide the following services:

  • Ten (10) safe, warm showers for use by women and children (girls any age/boys under 6)

  • A cost-free laundry facility where women can wash their clothes

  • A distribution center providing items of basic need (diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, etc.)

  • A large hospitality room where our guests are served tea and can take part in our many activities, receive manicures, pedicures and put on their makeup

  • A Children’s Corner where our young guests can play

  • A baby bathing area where mothers can bathe their infants in a warm, safe environment

  • And, coming soon — a medical clinic for pregnant women and infants

A blessing!

Currently, on average 225-250 women are visiting our center each day, where we are providing 125+ showers and washing 165 loads of laundry per day. As of December 1, 2018, we have now served more than 31,500 guests in our Centers on Lesvos!! What a humbling privilege to have the opportunity to serve these people who have suffered and lost so very much.